Personalized Training Led by Top  International Experts


  • Strengthen and build lean muscle

  • Reduce body fat, chronic pain, and stress

  • Enhance cardiovascular and muscular endurance

  • Improve balance, stability, flexibility, and mobility

  • Nutrition coaching

  • InBody Body composition analyzer

  • Smartwatch tracking

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Our mission is to democratize the access to expert personal training with an affordable Program.

With our disruptive Program you pay $299 per month for 12 personal training sessions with a top trainer along with a nutrition program and regular body composition analysis, among other benefits.

Training with a top professional is now affordable!

Progressive resistance and intensity training

Nutrition coaching +

Body composition tracking +

Brain Training +

Individualized and diverse training.

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Scientific-based and customized program for your goal and fitness level

Whether you want to lose weight, get and stay fit, get stronger, or play competitive sports, we have a program for you. We offer the latest and greatest programming in our top-tier facility.

Work with top trainers and nutrition experts at a fraction of the cost.

Master Coaches Hugo and Dean bring a combined 45 years of education and experience in fitness and nutrition. They lead a team of result-driven professionals, passionate about coaching and teaching healthy lifestyle habits.

They lead a team or professional coaches who believe in a flexible approach to training that prioritizes the client's preferences and goals, which leads to enjoyable sessions and sustainable results.

Hugo videla
Fitness Director

Internationally renown Physical Education Professor and Speaker, Strength Training Expert with over 25 years of experience.

Bachelor of Exercise Science.

dean west
Fitness Director

Former Pro Athlete with 20 years of experience. Karate Black Belt. Sport Performance Coach,

Bachelor of Exercise Science.

Javier Tycki

Operations director

David Fermin

Mobility & Recovery

Paola Montes
de oca

Tri-Athlon, Endurance and nutrition
Franco lococo

Visual Coach-
brain and performance


Whether you workout in a small group or privately, training is always personal.


The industry’s first and only small group and strength -driven personal training program.


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Great location in West Brickell / The Roads

State of the art private facilities with 2 indoor studios, 1 outdoor training space, and a recovery station.

Underline Fit is strategically located in between Brickell and The Roads neighborhoods. 

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Monday - Friday 6 AM - 9 PM

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