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3-D body composition + PRIVATE personal training 1-hr session 

see your body in 3d


🔻 check out our fitness director's dean west 3d body scan 🔻

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3D avatar & reports

· Body fat, lean mass, and full body circumference measurements.

Detailed posture analysis help us to make our members correct posture and prevent injuries.

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sample private session

Our complete assessment and sample workout is all about you and your objectives and will pave the road of your success. 


track weight loss and muscle gain

Comparison Overlay technology shows our members what their body actually looks like and how their body is changing and improving over time.

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90-day money


Montly reports

keeps both our team and members accountable, focused and motivated.

Transparency for our 90-Day Money Back Guaranteed.

personal training from $99/month

The 3D Scan report is a gift to you with no strings attached but if you are interested in professional personal training, we can also offer you affordable memberships from $99 per month.

what to wear

minimal and form-fitting, and options include sports bras, form-fitting tights, leggings, underwear, and form-fitting swimwear. Loose fitting clothing will result in inaccurate measurements. Socks should be light colored or removed.
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