Helping Employees

Stay fit, Positive,

And productive.

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Key proven measurements are collected on your first day. Goal-setting meeting to discuss your unique objectives and develop a customized  program.

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brain TRAININg

Innovative visual/neurological/sensory enhancement training that improves performance using multi-channel data from the combination of visual skills, cognitive, balance, space-time management, coordination.

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Connect a fitness tracker and start stepping as a group.

Individual or teams are ranked from high to low based on their total or average daily activity.


rewards and incentives

Our monthly fitness challenges are successful in promoting regular physical exercise and healthy corporate culture. It motivates teams to reach goals, interact with their colleagues, and improve their wellness habits


establishing a fitness program for team members  is a great way to boost team productivity. 

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301 SW 17th Rd.
Miami, Fl 33129
Tel: 305-306-7706

* Priority will be given to people working or living in Miami

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wellness adventures

Your team will enjoy other great alternatives such as Yoga, Stretching and Mindfulness sessions.


shuttle services

We can shuttle your team roundtrip to enjoy a great personal training session, shower, and come back to work with renewed energy and more productive.


Fitness Tracker Integration

Team members can take a bike ryde to our center, train and/or shower and go to work. Shuttle service is available (check schedule). 

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locker & Valet service

Just leave your training clothes after your workout and it will be ready for your next session.