Underline Fit | Private Personal Training


safety measures

your health is our top priority. 

low max capacity

We will continue to operate by appointment only and with no more than 5 members in the private studio. 

Under 25% of floor occupancy.


face masks

Our team will be required to wear face coverings and maintain social distancing of at least 6 ft. at all times.


Members will be required to wear face coverings only when distancing of 6 ft. is not possible.  It is not required to wear a mask while completing and excercise. 


sanitation protocol

Equipment will be disinfect with ULV fog technology and EPA-registered disinfectant after each session. 

Showers are closed and may not be used under any circumstances.

equipment & Social


Members are kept more than 6ft. apart at all times.

Equipment is spaced out to six feet or more.


your Suggestions are always welcome!

301 SW 17th Rd.
Miami, Fl 33129
Tel: 305-306-7706




The use alcohol-based hand sanitizer is required upon entering and after completing a workout. 

Disposables gloves

are also available


health screenings

Temperature checks will be given to both our team and members upon entry. Anyone with a temperature above 100.1 degrees Fahrenheit will be asked to leave and seek medical advice.


sanitation protocol

A crew cleans and disinfects touched surfaces frequently during working hours and perform a deep sanitation after closing everyday.

Equipment must be wiped out with disinfecting wipes after each use.

touchless one way entry & exit

Our boutique building enjoys a front door entrance and a dedicated back exit. This eliminates person-to-person contact during entry and exit. Doors are prompt open for touchless entry.