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complementary personal training assessment and workout

What's included?:

  1. Personal Training Session (1-Hour)

  2. 3D Body Composition Scan & Report

  3. Goal setting & nutrition advice

3d body composition scan to track your progress from day 1

A 3D body composition scan provides key metrics on current fitness level. We'll set a target on where you should be in 3 months based on your unique objectives.

Non-invasive technology tracks body fat %, lean mass, posture and much more

training with a master coach

Work safely and effectively with a top training and nutrition professional. Coaches believe in a flexible approach to training that prioritizes the client's preferences and goals, which leads to enjoyable sessions and sustainable results.

All you need to do is show up!

Set goals and build an action plan

Our Master Coaches will create a tailor-made training program to help you reach your unique goals. Training made personal means creating a personalized program for each individual rather than a “one program for everyone”.

After free session, memberships from $20 p/session (small group) or $50 p/session (private)


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